Painting, for me, is the most immediate, engaging and exciting creative process there is.


Whether I am painting a figure or an abstract, whatever paint I use always seems to interpret the world I see.


This year has been challenging. Adapting to such unpredictable circumstances, has changed my choices in materials and paints. However, it has proven how important Art is as a Cathartic daily ritual to escape and to feel connected and grounded.


At the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020, I was focused on painting portraits, some from the Portrait Artist of the week live on facebook sky arts. I found it rewarding to be part of facebook and Instagram, engaging in a whole new world of social media. 

Visiting Galleries is an essential part of my creative journey. Understanding the history of Art and Painting is as vital as the need to practice expressing a brush mark.  Studying the compositions and the characters of Rubens, Botticelli, or Goya is a neverending journey.


Every time I pick up a paintbrush, it feels like it has a history of references to so many Great Artists from the past and I hope my paintings engage in a conversation between the history of art and what Painting can still reveal for us today.

I have always admired Pablo Picasso for the creative genius, and he once said you should copy Art because that's where you find yourself. This year I have been interpreting iconic images and looking at how I can learn from these great compositions and have found myself in great awe of the difficulties faced with a narrative and how hard it is to create and portray an idea in a composition with meaning and relevance.

The lack of interaction with other artists in a studio space through lockdown has made me realise its importance. I hope to share a studio space with other artists shortly. 


My aim for the next year is to complete my degree at Middlesex University in 2022 and  to enter more competitions and exhibitions.


Continuing to create with Figurative and Semi Figurative Paintings with a narrative will challenge me to pursue and create with poetic idealistic ambitions.